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Songs are mood lifters. Music is a medium through which people have found solace for many years. From blues to hard rocks, music has been a substance to mankind through which he has sought to express himself. There are different moods for different kinds of music and it has been found as a great reliever. Going back to time of gramophones, we used to listen to music by collecting the recorded discs of our favourite artistes. Then, with the advent of tape recorders, cassettes came in our hands. People started collecting cassettes of their favourite albums and musicians. The live shows of brilliant musicians went on to be recorded on blank tapes. Then came the computers and people shifted their songs to compact discs. And then, as the use of internet started getting popular, many sites started getting known for giving people the facility of downloading songs in mp3 format. Some of them charged a nominal fee, others did not. But the concept of playing music online was not quite popular, as running the web for a long time would burn holes in the pockets.

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But now, time has changed technology, and we have been blessed with 4G technology, which provides us high speed internet at quite affordable rates. So the concept of keeping the songs downloaded and hearing them offline is no more existent. The songs that are released are all available in iTunes and other online streaming apps. People have become dependent on the availability of signal more than ever. A smart phone hardly has any utility without connection to the web. The trend of having a playlist of favourite songs stored in the phone memory is getting extinct.

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Though this seems to be an advancement of technology and hence of much use to us, this has trained us to become inactive without connection. Imagine your city facing a signal breakdown for some technical issue. In these situations, full dependence on the web is a much regretted option. For such times, online streaming is not an option and hence, we are bound to stay away from the mind relieving tonics for days. These are the times we feel that the use of downloaded songs are still not gone. Downloading and storing songs in the memory will allow us to listen to them at any place and time without making connection to the web and that’s a great feature. A website from which we get the access to download any song of our choice is mp3juice This site has a collection of many songs from many genres and in many languages. The process of downloading is quite easy and also available as instructions on the page. Within a few clicks you will have your favourite track on any device you like and that too without spending a penny! These offline songs will be your companion even at times when there is no signal available. Sometimes going old school is fun.